The Edelweiss 2020 Awards already have winners.

The awards were presented at FITUR 2021 on May 19, 2021.

On the occasion of the 2021 International Tourism Trade Fair (FITUR), the winners of the Edelweiss 2020 Awards, organized by the Aragon Sustainable Tourism Cluster, were announced. The event was held at the Aragon Tourism stand, where the awards were presented to the winning projects, recognizing them as the best initiatives contributing to Sustainable Tourism. The event was also attended by several personalities from the Sustainable Tourism and Tourism Area of Aragon. As a special feature, the attendees enjoyed a performance by Las Bruxas de la Cueva de las Güixas in Villanúa.

The winners in each category were Villanúa Tourism, Sobrarbe-Pyrenees UNESCO World Geopark, Camping La Estanca, piriNATURE,, Hotel Tierra Buxo, Hotel Balneario de Ariño, Deltaic Ecotourism Project, which, thanks to the collaboration of TSAC with the Institute of Responsible Tourism, can start their way towards sustainability of their tourism activity through the new platform Biosphere Sustainable Lifestyle.

And that's not all! Three special Edelweiss 2020 Awards medals were also presented, recognizing the work of people who promote in terms of culture, outreach and enterprise, and the development of sustainable tourism in Aragon. These went to Eugenio Monesma, Spanish ethnographic film director; Ana Belén Costas, director of Hotel El Privilegio de Tena; and Ara Malikian, internationally renowned violinist.

Find out all the details of the awards and their winners here.


Edelweiss Awards

The Edelweiss Awards were created with the aim of contributing to the development of sustainable tourism in Aragon and rewarding the initiatives that are being carried out, with the idea of giving visibility and raising awareness about sustainable tourism. The jury is made up of representatives of different institutions and entities of the tourism sector and experts in sustainable and responsible tourism at national and international level.

This first edition has had a high number of nominations, which demonstrates the interest in sustainable tourism in Aragon.

About TSAC

The Sustainable Tourism Business Cluster is a non-profit organization that has as one of its main objectives to create a meeting platform for the sector to develop common initiatives to strengthen the tourism sector in Aragon, especially that which guarantees sustainability as part of its offer.

Through this, it aims to give greater regional, national and international visibility to Sustainable Tourism in Aragon in order to consolidate the current markets and to access new opportunities, positioning itself as a proposal for the demand of those travelers who seek to align their travel experiences with their way of life.