The future of tourism lies in digitalization

The 10th edition of the TurisTIC Forum, organized by the Eurecat technology centre, was a resounding success. The event, which took place at the CosmoCaixa in Barcelona, featured experts from different sectors, who debated the future of tourism and its digitalization processes. It was presented by Ivana Miño and counted with the intervention of the Minister of Enterprise and Employment, Roger Torrent.

The tenth edition of the TurisTIC Forum focused on the tourism sector's ability to implement technological innovation processes. From the digital sphere to eco-innovations or innovations focused on well-being. A reality that is part of the EU's objective to ensure that 75% of European businesses start using solutions such as cloud, artificial intelligence and big data by 2030.

Furthermore, the need for tourists, destinations and businesses to work together on the sector's post-pandemic transition and to contribute ideas and solutions to this digitalization process was highlighted. The digital economy is expected to register an annual growth of 5.9% until 2023 globally.

The event, organized by the Eurecat Technology Centre, took place at CosmoCaixa in Barcelona and was attended by experts from the tourism and technology sectors as well as representatives from institutions. In a speech, the Catalan Minister for Business and Employment, Roger Torrent, highlighted the importance of technology for the transformation of the tourism sector and promised to participate in this process through public-private cooperation.

The congress included four reflection sessions analyzing aspects such as sustainable tourism, social networks and the new tourist, technology used in the sector, the metaverse and the future of tourism. Among the over 25 participants were Patricio Azcárate, Secretary General of the Institute for Responsible Tourism, who discussed tourism and sustainability in the future.