The International Tourism Trade Fair (FITUR) hosts the second edition of Sustainable Stand Awards 2022

La Rioja, Región de Murcia- Costa Cálida, Segittur and Paradores wins the FITUR 2022 Sustainable Stand Awards.

The International Tourism Trade Fair, FITUR 2022, has announced the winners of the second edition of Sustainable Stand Awards, organized in collaboration with the Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI). 

The stand has to be linked to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and must highlight and take environment and climate change, cultural and social aspects and economy and governance into account. 

Four stands at FITUR 2022, have been recognized and distinguished with the Sustainable Stand Award: La Rioja, Región de Murcia- Costa Cálida, Segittur and Paradores. One of this year's winners of ‘Best Sustainable Stand’ was La Rioja, who presented a new stand designed by Domingo García. The stand of La Rioja has both traditional elements, but has also added a remarkable digital solution. The stand's focus is on wine at the reuse of boxes, handmade in ecological wood, made by a local company in La Rioja itself. The idea of the boxes is to reduce waste and optimize costs. 

The elements of Región de Murcia- Costa Cálida is a digitization of all communication both internal and external, by not using any paper for communication. Segittur has made a remarkable sustainable proposal as well. By focusing on the carbon footprint of humans, and in this case transport of visitors to the FITUR Know How & Expert exhibition, a smartphone can visibly show the carbon footprint. And at least, Paradores stand was built by reusable materials with low environmental impact, and conceived as a barrier-free and accessible space.