The management of the Biosphere Certified Destinations, Thompson Okanagan and the Provincial Council of Barcelona, are awarded for their commitment to sustainability

Thompson Okanagan receives the "Tourism for Tomorrow" award from the World Travel & Tourism Association, and the Barcelona Provincial Council receives the "Alimara" award from the CETT, thanks to their commitment to sustainability through the Biosphere certification.

Thompson Okanagan (British Columbia, Canada) and the Barcelona Provincial Council, destinations recently certified as Biosphere Destination, received yesterday two prestigious awards for their important involvement in the work of a more sustainable tourism. The achievement of the Biosphere certification and the commitment required to accomplish it, have played a crucial role in obtaining the prizes that the administrations that manage both destinations collected yesterday.

Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association received the "Tourism for Tomorrow" award from the World Travel & Tourism Association (WTTC) in the Destination category, at a special ceremony of the WTTC's 18th World Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in which they presented leading tourism initiatives in the world. The winners of the WTTC awards are recognized destinations for practices of the highest sustainability standards, capable of balancing the needs of "people, planet and, benefits" within the tourism sector. This year was recognized the commitment to promote inclusive growth and work for a better future through proactive contributions to sustainable development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN.

Gloria Guevara Manzo, president and CEO of WTTC commented during the ceremony: "This year, the Tourism for Tomorrow Award finalists prove just how diverse and all-encompassing our sector's commitment to sustainable growth is. The award categories are designed to demonstrate that every player in the travel and tourism industry has a role to play in driving the sector to a more responsible future - whether providing training to people from disadvantaged backgrounds, protecting vital wetlands areas via ecotourism or operating the world's greenest airport."

"This year's award winners demonstrate not only that tourism can be sustainable" added the WTTC CEO, "but that it provides tangible benefits to destinations, local communities, and travelers. We hope that our award winners will motivate the Travel & Tourism sector to be part of a more sustainable world."

During the same day, another administration that has achieved the Biosphere certification for its three destinations (Costa Barcelona, Pirineos Barcelona, and Paisajes Barcelona), the Barcelona Provincial Council, received the Alimara Award from the CETT. These awards, in their 34th edition, recognize the effort and quality of tourism promotion, both from public institutions and private companies, positioning them as a benchmark in the tourism scenario at a national and international level. In the case of the Barcelona Provincial Council, the efforts carried out to include their companies in their commitment to sustainability as a Biosphere Destination, through the Adhesion to the Commitment of a Biosphere Destination figure - a commitment that was joined by 245 companies from the province of Barcelona last March - enabled the achievement of this award.

The RTI congratulates both destinations, extending this congratulation to their managers, technical staff, as well as other tourism stakeholders for their commitment to disseminating the principles of sustainability through the application of sustainable practices.

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