The Pirineu i les Terres de Lleida is already a Biosphere Destination

It has received the 'Biosphere Destination' certification from the Responsible Tourism Institute, after passing an external audit that verifies compliance with the 'Biosphere' requirements.

The Tourist Board of the 'Pirineu i les Terres de Lleida' has received the 'Biosphere Destination' certification from the Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI), which recognizes the effort and continuous improvement of this Catalan region for the sustainability of the tourism sector. Thanks to this distinction, Lleida will be internationally recognized as a Responsible and Sustainable Tourism Destination.

The certification makes visible the territory's commitment to a model of responsible tourism, based on environmental protection, the creation of inclusive and universally accessible societies. In turn, it confirms the commitment to the responsible tourism model designed in the 'Pla Estratègic del Pirineu i les Terres de Lleida 2019-2022' promoted by the Tourist Board.

The Destination has been able to adapt to the great impact that the pandemic has had on the tourism industry, taking advantage of all its resources and potential, to carry out actions aligned with the 17 UN SDGs, helping the destination's businesses and its community during the scarce tourist activity. With this initiative and thanks to the good reception of the initiative with the participation of the companies, Lleida has managed to create a solid and strong link with sustainability.

It is worth highlighting some of the actions that the destination has implemented in favor of continuous improvement and sustainable development, such as the online Training Plan, offered free of charge, by 'Ara Lleida' in order to offer knowledge and tools to increase the competitiveness of the tourism industry, as well as the promotion of initiatives of the territory in the context of the health emergency, bringing local products closer to the residents of the province of Lleida through the use of social networks, creating networks of communities and local products.

In this same line of supporting its business fabric, Lleida has subsidized the access of its companies to the Biosphere Sustainable Lifestyle platform. Currently, more than 80 companies have already joined the sustainable revolution, starting to create their own sustainability plans through Biosphere Sustainable Lifestyle. As of today, two of these companies have already achieved their distinction as Biosphere certified companies in recognition of their efforts in sustainability; the rural tourism house 'Torre del Codina' and the active tourism company 'Roc Roi'.

From Biosphere we congratulate both the Destination and its companies for the magnificent work they are doing in this constant path towards continuous improvement and we are confident that they will continue to achieve numerous distinctions over the years.