The XIV edition of Carrera por la Vida expects to summon more than 5000 people and will have Agoney as sponsor

The mayors of Adeje and Arona make an appeal for the South to have an oncology unit in the Public Hospital of the South.

The Race for Life will be held this year on December 16 and aims to bring together more than 5,000 people, as reported by the mayors of Adeje and Arona, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga and José Julián Mena, respectively, at the wheel of press today offered to the media along with the president of the Walk For Life Foundation, Brigitte Gypen. The call has served as a framework to present the godfather of the race in the fourteenth edition, singer Agoney who has expressed his satisfaction for being able to sponsor an event that, according to him, "is very important for me. It is not the first time that I participate, and other years I have sung ". Agoney also appears in the Solidarity Calendar of Career for Life, lending his image in one of the months. In the last edition, Carrera por la Vida brought together more than 4,500 people who participated and raised more than 20,000 euros for the fight against cancer.

In this XIV edition, the race will leave at 11 in the morning of the so-called "golden mile" of Arona and will end at the Plaza Salytien in the municipality of Adeje, after a four-kilometer route. Before the start of the walk, many activities take place at the meeting point and singers from the island participate. In this sense, Agoney wanted to make an allegation to his artistic quality "we have artists as great in this town and on the island as Ainhoa or Maria that we sometimes ignore, stop to listen because it will be incredible". The internationally renowned singer has announced that, in addition to continuing to live in Tenerife, "I will soon release my second single after" Perhaps "and has expressed his desire to make known the music he is composing" from the heart ".

During the press conference, the mayor of Arona has claimed "an oncological unit in the south and that is in the public hospital in the south", a demand that has been seconded by the mayor of Adeje who has added the need to implement a solution to mobility "since ill people who have to travel to hospitals, in addition to suffering from their illness and the effects of treatments, must face the queues". José Julián Mena also said that the day of the race "is a day of great enthusiasm, but from the awareness that must be permanently. It is not just one day but 365 days in which we are involved and aware. "

José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga has renewed the commitment of the municipality with a career that "expresses a way of being of this south that is installed in the value of solidarity with a problem that women suffer above all. The race helps to make it visible, to support these women, who fortunately more and more are those who overcome it, and also, the event makes visible the need for early detection and we have shortcomings to treat this disease. "

Brigitte Gypen thanked the participation and collaboration of numerous companies and groups that are involved in this event "with printing, merchandising, transport, halls, etc." She also thanked the volunteers for their involvement throughout the event. year they work "to make this race bigger".

Gypen has highlighted as novelties, the elimination of balloons in a commitment to the environment and its replacement by pennants. Another of the novelties of this year, explained the President, was the creation of a Flashmob with a choreography that will be held at the finish line on the day of the race. All people are invited to learn the steps to be able to accompany this massive solidarity movement. The choreography can be learned through the video prepared for the occasion and is published on the channels of the municipalities of Adeje, Arona and the Race for Life as well as their respective social networks.

On the investment of the money collected in the last edition, Brigitte Gypen explained that the Braproject project has been developed, which consists in providing specific fasteners for people who have suffered a mastectomy "bras are expensive and not all can afford it" . Another project that has been invested in the development of liquid biopsy and oncology physiotherapy service, apart from the activities developed in the Sala Rosa, research projects, as well as the Kilómetro Solidario project that aims to offer a transport service for oncological patients living in the south of Tenerife.

The press conference has had a surprise element that has consisted in the presentation of the mascot, a butterfly that does not have a name since it will be called by the networks to choose it. Agoney also had a few words for the choice of the mascot since he has taken a surprise and explained that "my mother died a few months ago and when I returned to sing, on that occasion in Portugal, after a moment of emotion, in the stage floor I saw a monarch butterfly, I bent down and the butterfly rested on my hand and I sang with the butterfly until the end of the song ".

Regarding the promotional video of the Race, this year we have opted for the participation of professionals from the Spanish and English speaking media, to make this call to active participation in the fight against cancer.

People who want to collaborate but can not attend the Race have several methods to do it as the acquisition of merchandising, in addition to the traditional Calendar for Life that this year has the title "Voices for Life" people can buy T-shirts, bracelets and other solidary objects.

Contributions of the Town Halls in the fight against cancer

The mayors of Adeje and Arona have detailed during the press conference the different actions and concrete projects developed in their municipalities "is not our competition, and saying this is not a way to avoid the problem, but we can not replace those who they also have the resources and must use them well. We will continue investing but also claiming that we want quality public health and especially in the south because we are further away "said the mayor of Adeje.

From Arona, explained José Julián Mena, "we host an AECC headquarters in new municipal facilities, in addition, we develop aquatic activities programs for patients who need this support and the comprehensive program through the Mojón center with psychological and physiotherapy support. On the other hand, we provide free transportation of patients to travel to the metropolitan area to receive oncology treatments. "

On the other hand, from the municipality of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga explained that "we host the headquarters of the Sala Rosa in municipal facilities, we develop the lymphedema prevention program, therapeutic support, we attend transportation and we collaborate with the Asociación Contra el Cancer on all fronts. "

Both mayors have assured that "on the 16th we will be walking through life, reinforcing these lines of action because we respond to a way of being of our people: solidarity."