Vouzela on it’s way to increase its sustainability efforts.

Presentation of the Action Plan for Sustainability by Vouzela.

Following its efforts towards sustainable tourism, Vouzela is preparing to obtain Biosphere Destination certification in the field of sustainability. The mayor of the municipality, during the presentation of the local sustainable tourism plan, the last stage of the process for the certification of the municipality, reported that the certification should "happen by the end of this year".

In addition, the signing of the letter of commitment to sustainability and the presentation of the sustainability diagnosis, which consists of the definition of indicators, objectives and deadlines, as well as the structuring of the team and partners involved in the implementation of the project, have already taken place.

The municipality has developed a series of actions with more than 100 entities, including: local operators, agents, social and commercial institutions, accommodation and catering, tourist animation and private institutions of social solidarity.

Vouzela aims to become a more sustainable territory, complying with the criteria set out in the 2030 Agenda to become a more respectful, capable and attractive municipality in the field of tourism.