What relationship do the 17ODS, the COVID-19 and tourism have?

Biosphere launches a manifesto for sustainable tourism

One of the questions we were asked about the tourism sector, and which is still current today, is whether the development model that the sector had adopted was actively contributing into achieving the objectives set by Agenda 2030.
What we propose to the world from the Institute of Responsible Tourism for the challenge that the future presents us is a new "culture of tourism", in which an integrated vision of the long-term development, and future capacity of human settlements, and the role that the tourism sector plays in the creation of human wellbeing, is manifested with its direct and indirect impacts and with its typical multiplier effect, both in the receiving and sending communities.

At the proposal of the Italian delegation, this manifesto has been unanimously approved by the RTI's Board of Directors.
We invite you to download and disseminate this manifesto, and join us.


Download it in English, Spanish , Portuguese, French and Italian.

"Today more than ever, if it's not sustainable it's not development"