Wine Tourism wineries join the Biosphere family.

Several companies in the wine tourism sector have already joined Biosphere and are working on its sustainability.

Wine tourism offers wonderful experiences beyond just wine tasting. Visiting vineyards, sharing the experience of treading grapes with the winegrowers or even practising sports in the vineyards are some of the activities that this type of tourism offers. This is why more and more people are taking part in wine tourism and it is vitally important that the sector joins, as one more, the group of those who work for a more responsible tourism practice.

And in this respect, we have good news! There are already several wineries present in Wine Tourism that have joined Biosphere and have started their path towards sustainability.

Wine Tourism is an online booking platform designed to make wine tastings and guided tours more accessible to interested wine consumers around the world. They act as an intermediary, connecting wine lovers with interested wineries through a simple online booking system.

If you own a winery, are committed to sustainable habits and are not being recognised for your efforts? What are you waiting for?

We can turn your efforts into a badge for your winery through the internationally recognised Biosphere Methodology, endorsed by the Responsible Tourism Institute and derived from the work with REDS, which aligns your activity with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. In this way, by working on the new Biosphere Sustainable Lifestyle platform, you will be able to create a fully customised sustainability plan for your winery. In addition, you will be eligible to obtain the Biosphere Committed and Biosphere Certified recognitions, which help to position your winery in the market by presenting it as committed to sustainability.


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And don't forget to join Wine Tourism to enjoy amazing communication channels and promotion of your sustainable activity!