Winners of the Edelweiss Awards, II edition

After the great work carried out in sustainability and for contributing to the fulfilment of the territorial Tourism Sustainability Plans, 8 entities have been awarded for their initiatives and projects aligned with sustainability and continuous improvement.

The Edelweiss Awards were created with the aim of contributing to the development of sustainable tourism in Aragon and rewarding the initiatives that are being carried out, with the idea of giving visibility and raising awareness about sustainable tourism.

The jury for this edition was made up of representatives from different institutions and entities in the tourism sector and experts in sustainable and responsible tourism at a national and international level, including Manolo Molina Espinosa, Director of Hosteltur, Mr. Enrique Martínez Marín, President of Segittur, Ms. Clara Arpa, President of the Spanish Network of the United Nations Global Compact and Mr. Patricio Azcárate, Secretary General of the Responsible Tourism Institute.

This year's Edelweiss Awards stand out for having been aligned with their contribution to the achievement of the objectives set out in the destination's Tourism Sustainability Plans, with prizes being awarded to the projects best valued by the jury in each category, namely:

- Tourist accommodation in Aragon, in the subcategory of > or < 25 rooms.

- Enogastronomy in Aragon

- Sustainable Territory in Aragon

- NGO's Sustainable Tourism in Aragon

- Inspiring Project in Aragon

- National Inspirational Project

- International Inspirational Project

Among the winners, all the companies for whose typologies our platform is suitable, have been awarded with a free annual subscription to Biosphere Sustainable, where they can not only manage and monitor their business efforts in sustainability, but also put them in value and communicate them in a transparent way from the first moment, with the Biosphere Committed and Biosphere Certified badges and all the materials and digital channels that show in real time their good practices and sustainable achievements.

Although all the projects presented this year have great value and undoubtedly contribute to the continuous improvement of the destination, only one in each category has been chosen for its exceptional contribution to sustainability in a holistic and comprehensive manner. We at the Responsible Tourism Institute are therefore pleased to congratulate the following entities who will receive this wonderful gift of a free subscription:

- Hotel Casa Chuldian, in the category of accommodation < 25 rooms.

- Monasterio el Olivar, for its project Hospedería Monástica: Experiencia de Paz, in the category of accommodation > 25 rooms.

- A todo Guía, for its project Visita gastrocultural por Huesca, in the category of food and wine in Aragon.

- The entity Ocio en Verde for its project Experiencias y sensaciones turísticas, in the category Proyecto Inspirador en Aragón.

- Entre Acequias accommodation complex, in the category International Inspiring Project for its sustainable complex.


About TSAC

The Sustainable Tourism Business Cluster is a non-profit organisation that has as one of its main objectives to create a platform for the sector to develop common initiatives to strengthen the tourism sector in Aragon, especially that which guarantees sustainability as part of its offer.

The aim is to give greater regional, national and international visibility to Sustainable Tourism in Aragon in order to consolidate current markets and access new opportunities, positioning itself as a proposal for the demand of those travellers who seek to align their travel experiences with their way of life.

The awards are aimed at all companies in the tourism sector, both public and private (restaurants, hotels, tourism companies...), public administrations (city councils, counties, provincial councils...), institutions, NGOs (associations, foundations...) and government bodies related to tourism.

You can see all the information at this link.