Workshop “A certificação Biosphere – Turismo Responsável, pelo ITR”

“A certificação Biosphere – Turismo Responsável, pelo ITR” Workshop. Ilha do Príncipe

18th of july. Delivery of the Biosphere Hotel certification plaque to BBIR (Bom Bom Island Resort)

The Bom Bom Island Resort received by the Responsible Tourism Institute (ITR), through a representative who traveled to the island of Príncipe, the plaque that distinguishes BBIR as an hotel establishment certified by the Biosphere ResponsibleTourism system, an international standard, recognized and approved by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). BBIR certification by the Responsible Tourism Institute (ITR), puts this tourist accomodation as the first hotel certified with the Biosphere Responsible Tourism Standard in Africa. The ceremony was attended by the heads of HBD, through its Director-General of the island of Príncipe, Fernando Barros, who reiterated its commitment to continue making the BBIR a reference in environmental responsibility, with the hope that other local actors join in this commitment that reflects the value of Príncipe Island as a destination.

By the Regional Government of Príncipe, the Regional Secretary, Silvino Palmer, reported the satisfaction of the Regional Government for obtaining this certification, pioneer in the country and in Africa, and expects all social and economic actors to contribute so one day Príncipe Island may become certified by ITR as a sustainable destination.

Seminar on Environmental Management and Responsible Tourism Certification

Within the implementation of the Environmental Management System of Bom Bom Island Resort, and in accordance with its action plan for 2014 was held at Príncipe Island a technical seminar about environmental management requirements for application in hotels and the Biosphere certification . The workshop was attended by the environmental specialist Cristina Abreu and a technician from the Responsible Tourism Institute, which first addressed the role of the Responsible Tourism Institute (ITR) and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) in relation to the promotion of responsible tourism, the environmental certification and the implementation of sustainable environmental practices in tourism entities and tourism destinations.

This Workshop was attended by representatives of public and private entities related to the tourism sector and the development of the island of Príncipe. With this action, the HBD group wanted to promote the importance of environmental management systems in the hotel sector and the business sector in general, as an essential tool for sustainable and responsible tourism development, with the aim of making Príncipe Island an example to be pursued.

Signing of the agreement / Workshop: 20 people

Recognizing the importance of implementing São Tomé and Príncipe in a sustainable and responsible tourism, the Government of São Tomé , through his Exc. the Minister of Tourism, Trade and Industry, signed a cooperation agreement with the Responsible Tourism Institute (ITR), through which official recognition in São Tomé and Principe ResponsibleTourism Biosphere system certification is made.

The HBD group expanded the workshop held in Príncipe Island, organizing a new workshop on São Tomé Island, the purpose of which would involve all stakeholders in the tourism sector of the country. This has helped to raise awareness among São Tomé tour operators about the role that every tourist unit plays in environmental preservation and to increase consciousness on the need to turn São Tomé and Príncipe into a pioneer country in Africa in Responsible and Sustainable Tourism.