By accepting this text, you accepted the technical and economic conditions whereby "Biosphere Responsible Tourism SL" (hereinafter BRT) provides services for obtaining and maintaining BIOSPHERE RESPONSIBLE TOURISM brand internationally, according to the agreement established between BRT and Responsible Tourism Institute (hereafter ITR).


Phases for obtaining the mark BIOSPHERE RESPONSIBLE TOURISM are:

  • Implementation requirements: During this phase the contracting entity shall implement the requirements through the computer management system, access to which is included in the service contracts of Biosphere certification. The implantation can be performed independently or with the advice of an entity ready for it, but always independently BRT.
  • Certification: Implanted requirements, and to the notice of the institution in the process of being certified by a qualified external auditor BRT performs the certification audit. Audit report with the identified deviations will be issued (if any). The entity shall make a report of correction of these deviations, if any. The audit report and rectification will be evaluated by the Technical Committee of the ITR, and if the result is favourable, the certificate will be issued.
  • Annual renewal: On an annual basis, a qualified auditor of BRT verify that the entity continues to meet the requirements satisfactorily.


The Responsible Tourism System provides a set of guidelines and requirements that guide organizations on their way to sustainability, considering the environmental, social, cultural and economic over which they have or can be expected to have influence factors.

The requirements set by the Responsible Tourism Institute cover the following fields:

  1. Responsible Tourism Policy: You must establish a Responsible Tourism Policy which expresses the commitment to sustainable tourism, and to provide the means for compliance. In this regard, the constant knowledge of legal and regulatory requirements, the design of an Action Plan in the framework of the policy and plan-awareness training is required. Furthermore, it is also necessary that the entity promotional messages containing specifications sustainability.
  2. Conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage requirements integrating the company in the cultural reality of fate, collaboration in the preservation of cultural resources and promoting knowledge on the part of visitors are required.
  3. Contribution to economic and social development of the destination: the entity will need to contribute to this development, through a purchasing policy oriented and it hires, and other actions at your fingertips. It should also ensure socially responsible behavior with its employees.
  4. Environmental conservation: it aims to minimize negative environmental impacts of the activities of the entity, through proper management of consumption, waste, waste, emissions, etc.
    In particular, requirements for contemplated: 
    • Landscape protection (minimizing the visual impact)
    • Management and control of energy (monitoring data, efficiency of devices ...)
    • Management and control of water (consumption minimization, waste control ...)
    • Management and control of waste (minimization, reuse, proper management ...)
    • Management and control of consumption of products and services (to minimize unnecessary consumption, hazardous materials, responsible procurement ...)
    • Management and control of atmospheric emissions (emission control system ...)
    • Control and protection of soil quality (spills)
    • Control of noise pollution (noise minimization)
  5. Customer satisfaction and involvement in the system of responsible tourism: The entity should ensure the quality, safety and accessibility of the service provided. It should also provide information to customers about responsible actions that performs as well as activities that promote awareness and respect for the visitor destination.

The certification process entity agrees to comply with the requirements according to the application standard that applies to it, in relation to the category selected when hiring the services of Biosphere Responsible Tourism certification.



The cost of the entire process for obtaining certification of the entity is established according to their category (number of rooms, number of workers or any other specific reality), country and applicable discount, as evidenced by this display of prices. This price includes the conference to review the documentation and / or the provision of documentary evidence developed for the audit process and the rights to use a trademark Biosphere.

Audits occur online via the platform, making onsite audit visits to a representative sample of the Biosphere entities, warning at least 15 days before the meeting. The price of these audits is included in the annual fee.

In any case, upon request, the client can specifically ask for and onsite audit any time, that will be invoiced separately.

This cost also includes the delivery of the certificate in pdf and / or physical format upon request, and the model for exposing a plate supporting public exposure.

In addition, it is also possible to expose a flag, optionally, which would be invoiced in part based on the stipulations of the supplier or the customer can directly do it, of which the BRT also deliver a model basis.

From the second year and next for obtaining a certificate, the cost of rebranding is equal to the first year as they are necessary to witness audits (including costs of transfers auditor) or online are made, at the discretion of BRT .


  • BRT reports annually could perform, random and unannounced monitoring visits to a minimum of 10% of certified entities, so that the client accepts the possibility of being audited under these conditions.
  • Witness audits that client demands are billed separately, making it an added cost to the annual payment.
  • The proposal was made based on current rates. The certification and renewal rates may change annually.
  • The annual rate could be updated depending on the overall CPI



The scope of services offered to BRT certificates and obligations of these entities is stated below:

Services included in the fee BIOSPHERE RESPONSIBLE TOURISM:

 The certified entity shall be entitled to receive services including quota set by BRT, which are:

  • Right to use of the mark (as defined guidelines for use of logos and brand BIOSPHERE RESPONSIBLE TOURISM, and the GSTC-Approved (approval program Global Sustainable Tourism Council) if the case, which can be found on the web
  • Introduction to the websites of BRT ( participating and dissemination services they offer.
  • Discount participation in training courses and seminars organized BRT for their establishments.
  • Discounts on conferences, fairs, etc. organized by the BRT.
  • Support for the management and improvement of implanted requirements.
  • Annual audits by BRT auditor, necessary to verify the maintenance of the system over time. BRT guarantees the confidentiality of the results.
  • Promotion, marketing actions, appearance in databases and specialized search engines on Responsible Tourism, and all those that best viewing and prestige of the entities certified actions
  • Access to information management platform of the Biosphere certification
  • Access to additional services offered by BRT at discount prices
  • Analytical benchmarking

Also, BRT is responsible for:

  1. Perform a procedure of effective and impartial certification.
  2. Communicate any changes of standard and customer requirements.
  3. Provide customers with information on their certification procedures

Obligations and responsibilities contracts certified as "BIOSPHERE RESPONSIBLE TOURISM" entity:


  • All certified entity must maintain over time fulfilling the applicable requirements, as defined in the standard and its revisions.
  • All certified entity shall submit annually to the audit testing performed by a qualified auditor BRT, collecting and providing access to documents and facilities which it considers necessary. It should also address the weaknesses that are detected by following the process established by BRT for it.
  • All certified entity must make proper use of the "Biosphere Responsible Tourism 'certification, as well as their meaning and associated with the brand logo on their website, brochures, publications and other commercial information available, avoiding misleading advertising and pledging to the removal of any reference to certification after suspension or withdrawal of the mark, as follows from the rules of use of the logo from being accessed through information management platform.
  • The scope of certification shall be specified in the audit report, the "Document Certification" and Certificate. If the audit report does not specify, it is understood that all the facilities, activities and services offered by the company will be the scope of certification
  • In addition, the entity is required to publicly display the certificate
  • BRT inform on records, complaint handling and corrective actions taken with regard to compliance with certification requirements
  • BRT communicate any changes that may affect compliance with the requirements of the certification within a period not exceeding 10 days from the completion of the change.
  • Facilitate access to BRT and the GSTC (if any) access to facilities, certificates, records and personnel for the purpose of auditing.
  • All certified entity shall be present on the websites of BRT Accordingly, you must raise the required information to the system with the proposed promotional purposes, such as photos, description, contact information, address, etc.
  • Every certified organization must meet the financial obligations agreed with BRT.
    If the auditor's request, with a maximum period of one month before and always written, the entity shall submit the documentary evidence for prior review the witness audit.
  • If for breach of any of the above clauses BRT decided to terminate an entity, or the entity decided to unsubscribe for any reason, it must stop making immediate use of the logo "Biosphere Responsible Tourism" and if GSTC-Approved applicable, and BRT return the certificate, plaque and flag proving their status as establishment "Biosphere Responsible Tourism".


  • The Responsible Tourism System is the first certification body approved by the GSTC for Accommodation, Tour operators and Destination
  • Standard Biosphere Responsible Tourism, is recognized by the GSTC for Accommodation, Tour operators and Destination
  • The Responsible Tourism Institute is an organization linked to UNESCO and the WTO (World Tourism Organization).
  • Responsible Tourism System has the European Environment Award 2002.
  • The Responsible Tourism Institute has been awarded the International Prize for the Environment 2005, awarded by the tour operator TUI. In addition, many hotels have been BIOSPHERE also awarded in various calls for TUI.
  • In 2006, the Institute of Responsible Tourism has been awarded the "Global Sport and Tourism Award", awarded by the Forum Illes Baleares.



The signatories have agreed between both parties hereinafter "the parties" the clauses mentioned below:


BRT (Lender) is an organization for the promotion of sustainable tourism destinations, it has developed BIOSPHERE RESPONSIBLE TOURISM certification.
The client is interested in hiring the services of Certification for the contracting entity.
Recognizing the parties sufficient capacity to contract and to commit, concert this LEASE OF CERTIFICATION SERVICES BIOSPHERE RESPONSIBLE TOURISM, freely and spontaneously subject to the following:


THE CUSTOMERS BRT hires to perform certification work, namely the description of the services described in the "TECHNICAL PROPOSAL OF ECONOMIC CONDITIONS"



The lender will perform the services under this Contract during the period of 1 year from the signing of this Agreement.

Once this period finished, it will be renewed automatically, with the conditions set by Lender as a continuation of audits, associated costs, etc.

In any case, both parties are entitled to oppose the automatic renewal by means of a notification addressed to the other party at least 30 days before the date of the next renewal.



The activities described may be developed in situ at the customer site, or using electronic means. In the first case, an external auditor accredited by BRT will move to the client's home to perform this task.



The customer must ensure the security audit team while it is for work in its facilities and adjoining areas.



The relationship between the parties has exclusively commercial character and not having any labor link between the CLIENT and the staff of BRT that this will eventually serving in the registered office of that.

To this end BRT stated that such personnel is employed in accordance with the law.

Likewise, BRT may delegate tasks to organizations and professionals for all auditing and certification work, if it considers it has a valid agreement established for it.



Payment Certification services conveniently made by BRT is reflected in this "PROPOSAL OF TECHNICAL-ECONOMIC CONDITIONS", item 5.

In any case, the price the customer shall pay the Borrower for the performance of the Services under this Agreement, hereinafter "the price", you will be paid by credit card or bank transfer.

The price established in this Agreement does not include indirect taxes according to the laws applicable.

The price established in this Agreement is fixed for the purposes of the Service under this Contract. BRT reserves the right to modify and update the annual costs of certification, being able if the client or not to continue it.



Upon completion of the certification process LTR will give a certificate number and given the supporting material certification, consisting of a certificate in Spanish and English, where the scope of certification will be reflected, and the model logo BIOSPHERE personalized with your certificate in digital format (jpg, Corel Draw, Photoshop and / or similar format). The company may use the logo of the BIOSPHERE certification, according to the guidelines contained in the rules of use of the logo



Both parties undertake to ensure the confidentiality of all information transmitted interact or obtain as a result of this project, no longer dispose of it for a different use, without the express prior written consent of the counterparty. This obligation extends to subcontractors and to the employees of both entities.

BRT dictates all its actions following its policy of impartiality, independence, confidentiality and conflict of interest, which is in web

In addition, the Parties to absolute confidentiality on information and documentation which the Parties undertake mutually facilitate unless indispensable to the fulfillment of this Agreement. Both Parties agree not to directly or indirectly disclose or use the information and knowledge acquired, resulting from the contractual relationship between the parties agreed on other services that are not the subject of this Agreement.

The Parties undertake to adopt the necessary measures, both with respect to their employees and others who may have some connection with this Agreement, to ensure compliance with the agreement in this clause.

Upon termination of this Agreement, and five years after that time, the Borrower will destroy any information on this relationship is stored in any medium or has reproduced by any method.

Both Parties undertake to keep absolute secrecy regarding the personal data they obtain pursuant to this contract and to observe all the legal provisions contained in Law 15/1999, of Protection of Character Data Personal. In particular, Lender agrees not to apply or use personal data treated or those who have had access during the Service, for purposes other than as contained in this Agreement, or assign, even for conservation, others. Lender shall apply to the data concerned by the Customer security measures established by Royal Decree 994/1999, Safety Regulations, under the type of data involved. Upon completion of the Service shall return the customer data on the same media which referred them and not keep any copies of them.

Parties shall respond facing each other for damages resulting from a breach of this obligation.



The certificate shall apply only to the center and auditees can not be used for the rest of the group centers or other services, if any, that have not been audited.

If during the term of this Agreement Customer or Service Provider consider it appropriate to modify or extend the Service under this Agreement shall, both parties negotiate the scope of the amendments or additions to the provision.

The agreements reached in the negotiations must be in writing. In the event that both parties do not agree on such modifications or additions, either party may terminate this Agreement.



CUSTOMER recognizes the rights of Intellectual Property of BRT on the seal obtained.

These rights protect both the seal and use the advertising material, brochures, posters, plaques, website, etc. respecting the application object of certification to avoid misleading advertising.

The customer is also responsible for the breach of these obligations by its employees or third parties who agreed to the negligence of the user.



This contract is terminated for the general causes established in the Civil Code and the Commercial Code and in particular, for breach of the key obligations of this writing. It incur any responsibility Customer acting negligently or negligent in fulfilling its obligations under this Agreement and thereby incur thereby harm or damage to the other party.

In addition, this Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Spain and subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain.



In the event that one or more of the clauses of the contract they become invalid or unenforceable under any rule of law, are considered ineffective to the extent appropriate, but in others, this contract remain valid.

The contracting parties agree to replace the clause affected by another, or that have the most similar to those of the replaced effects.



Audit dates may vary by consensus between the two parties exist prior notification by reliable means including a minimum of 20 working days, provided it does not affect both the outcome of the certification, and the expected results of the . Audit dates may also be changed by force majeure, exemptions are possible and ensuring the maintenance of certification during these periods. Eg. Illness, death, natural disasters, etc.


Hereby if the client continues with the purchase process of certification, you accept the offer conditions have BIOSPHERE RESPONSIBLE TOURISM SL, CIF B76584770 and registered office at Calle La Rosa 1, 1º. 38002, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain..


The customer accepts the conditions explained above attests that all information provided by him is truthful and consistent with reality. If not fuse well, BRT reserves the right to change the terms or cancel the certification process, without obligation to repay the amounts paid by the customer.