Corporate Sustainability

Expert course on Business Sustainability Plans and Committees

 Duration: 40 Hours
 Modality: ONLINE
Language: Spanish
 Tutored: Yes

In recent years, sustainability committees have become a fundamental part of corporate strategy, responding to growing consumer demand and enabling the development of products and services that address globally relevant challenges through planning.

With our Expert Course in Corporate Sustainability Committees and Plans, you will learn new practical approaches to ensure that an organization effectively adopts sustainable initiatives, as well as how to analyze needs and set goals aligned with the mission and values of the entity. You will discover pathways to ensure a consistent and successful approach on the journey towards sustainability and be able to apply it at all scales. Among the contents, you will find the necessary knowledge to understand the Biosphere vision and methodology to create and implement sustainability plans aligned with the 17 SDGs.

This course offers essential theoretical knowledge for those who need to lead and manage ESG teams. Professionals from any type of company with interests in new business sustainable demands and needs. It is also ideal for people with an interest in taking on external consultancy roles, to learn about the approach to setting up sustainability plans from the Biosphere vision.

This program focused on sustainability planning in businesses will provide you with the necessary knowledge to develop a business sustainability committee, making right decisions to invest effectively in your business sustainability plan, in order to obtain a positive return on your efforts.

The training will guide you, step by step, in the creation, structure, action taking and communication of your business sustainability, to integrate a process of continuous improvement aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals in the business model.

Module 1: Company Sustainability Committee

Discover the importance of the role of the Sustainability Committee in addressing current global challenges at the business level. Learn about its comprehensive approach and the fundamental pillars that help organizations reap benefits in innovation, efficiency, and reputation.

Module 2: Planning and Decision Making in Business under a Sustainability Framework

Understand the step-by-step process of proper planning in terms of corporate sustainability. Learn about the stakeholders who can be involved in decision-making and explore the types of sustainability investment and how they can benefit the organization in the short and long term.

Module 3: Development of a Corporate Sustainability Plan

Learn to develop a corporate sustainability plan for any organization and understand the actions required for a well-founded strategy. Get to know the Biosphere methodology and delve into its use to manage an action plan through practical example case studies. Find out how to approach an initial sustainability plan, as well as how to develop more consolidated corporate sustainability plans and strategies. 

Module 4: Benefits and Opportunities of Business Sustainability

Get to know and be inspired by real-life cases of organizations working on their corporate sustainability plan. Learn to effectively communicate these practices and initiatives, and discover the power of certification as a tool for spreading your sustainability efforts.

What are the enrolment dates and how long does the course last?

All our trainings are asynchronous, which means that you can enrol at any time. From the moment you complete your registration, you will have 6 months of uninterrupted access to all the training content, so that you can learn at your own pace. After this period, access to the course will be restricted.

How is the evaluation process?

Each module contains a final exam in which the knowledge acquired by the student throughout the syllabus is assessed. These exams last 20-30 minutes. At the end of all the modules and successfully passing all the evaluations, you will receive the accreditation material that you can share to demonstrate the completion and passing of our course.

Will I have a tutor to help me during the course?

Yes. Although our training courses are asynchronous, you will always have the assistance of professional experts in the subject of the training, who will guide you through the contents, resolving any doubts or difficulties that may arise. Through the Virtual Campus, you will have a direct communication system with our teams, favouring a dynamic and fluid exchange.

Use of Biosphere logo, branding and materials

Completion of our courses does not entitle trainees to use Biosphere or RTI material, branding, logos or other associated artwork. Without prior approval and express written permission, you may not create content or incorporate any Biosphere or RTI material into your communications. Students are only authorized to use their diploma after obtaining the qualification of their training.

Expert course on Business Sustainability Plans and Committees

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