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At Biosphere we bet on sustainable tourism

Tourism sustainability is our priority

At Biosphere we develop certifications to guarantee an adequate long-term balance between the economic, socio-cultural and environmental dimensions of a Destination, reporting significant benefits for a tourism entity, society and the environment. 

Ensuring compliance with a series of requirements based on the principles of sustainability and continuous improvement, we offer the opportunity to companies in the sector to design products and services with a new model of non-aggressive tourism, satisfying the current needs of customers and users, without compromising future generations.

The Responsible Tourism Institute

Committed to sustainable tourism

The Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI) is an international organization that promotes, for more than 20 years, responsible tourism at the international level.

The RTI was born with the support of UNESCO through a Memorandum of Understanding that has allowed throughout the years the collaboration between both organizations, is an affiliate member of the UNWTO and promotes sustainable tourism through the Biosphere brand. 

With the aim of helping the actors involved in the tourism sector to develop a new way of traveling and getting to know the planet, the RTI develops tourism activities and projects that are governed by the principles of sustainable development, actively collaborating with various business associations of the sector, governmental and non-governmental organizations, in developed and developing countries.

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Expand your knowledge in tourism. Take our sustainable tourism courses with professional tutors assigned personally and receive all the tools, material and information necessary to become an expert in the sector.

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As a fundamental part of the necessary transition towards sustainable tourism, the Responsible Tourism Institute has developed different meetings and conferences of local and international scope.

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Those who join the sustainable commitment create Biosphere experiences in the Destinations, promoting the exchange of good practices and contributing to achieving continuous improvement.