Solidarity oil,
recycle and contribute

Donate your used oil and contribute to your CSR and the SDG!

Do you want to take care of the environment with a free initiative that at the same time allows you to meet the social objectives of your sustainability plan? Start recycling your company's used oil with AceiteSolidario. An initiative with which:

✅ Reduce the impact of your activity and with your donation, you contribute to different social causes

✅ Obtain a social and environmental impact report at no cost

✅ Deduct your used oil donation from your corporation tax

✅ Have all the information of your donations centralised


How does AceiteSolidario help the HORECA sector, the catering industry and the food industry?

With AceiteSolidario you will not only have the best used cooking oil collection service in Spain, but it also provides you with:

  • Quarterly reports of used oil withdrawals in all the centres of the same business group, even if they belong to different autonomous communities.
  • Annual environmental and social impact report, which allows companies to clearly identify their CSR actions and compliance with the UN SDGs.
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How does AceiteSolidario manage the collection of used oil?

  • After signing the waste acceptance agreement, the kitchen will be provided with the drums required by the kitchen, as well as the frequency of the waste management operation.
  • For each removal, the kitchen manager will be provided with a dated and signed delivery note with the number of kilos removed. It is very important to keep this document in order to present it to the health authorities if required.
  • AceiteSolidario has agreements with waste managers throughout Spain for the removal of used oil, so the situation may arise in which the manager who previously provided the service does not change. In this case, only the person responsible for the waste varies, which will always be the company REMITTEL, in charge of the general coordination and treatment of the waste until it is converted into biodiesel fuel.
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Why Aceitesolidario?

At Biosphere we recommend AceiteSolidario for the double positive impact it generates, both on the environment and on society. Thanks to its network of national managers, AceiteSolidario can provide a quality service regardless of the volume of collection, the business sector or the size of the donor company. The service is completely free of charge and is available in Spain (Peninsula, Balearic and Canary Islands). For other destinations, please do not hesitate to contact us at for more information.