The harvest in Rioja Alavesa, a pleasure for visitors.

Rioja Alavesa Wine Route finalizes the details to begin with the collection of the grape that mobilizes the entire region and is shown to visitors in its purest form. The most special time of the year arrives for all those who are dedicated to the culture of wine and wine tourism. During the harvest, the wineries become fully active and Rioja Alavesa Wine Route turns to offer unique proposals so that both residents of the region and travelers can participate and learn 'from within' the ins and outs of the most outstanding period of your calendar. Visitors will have the opportunity to discover a unique region in the world at its best.

Rioja Alavesa is located in a pure, natural setting characterised by the vineyards that dye its extensive esplanades with beautiful colours. Right now, you are going to experience the best time of the year: the harvest.

When the summer comes to an end, the entire region is focused on its thousand-year-old tradition, which marks and defines the land, its towns, its nature and its architecture. The Rioja Alavesa Wine Route sees its identity in these fantastic drinks, and once more, it is time to start making a new vintage. The entire population turns to the grape harvest, which completely modifies the landscape of the region. During this season, the seas of vineyards look spectacular in the face of what is expected to be a good year for the harvest. Therefore, it is the perfect time for the harvesters to begin to plow through the lands to start the process that brings the best flavors and nuances of the territory to taste.

This festival of nature is also one of the great attractions of the Rioja Alavesa Wine Route, which has plans for all audiences to approach, discover and love wine like never before imagined. Young and old can discover and firsthand experience the millenary processes of wine-making, from the tread of the grape to its bottling. Moreover, it is possible to taste the fantastic previous vintages and gather information on what all these grapes that still hanging from their bunches will become. Another option is to explore the span of the plants, discover their care and the terrain that makes these productions possible.

If we wrap these incredible experiences in a getaway, with spectacular hotels to stay in, exquisite gastronomy, visits to the impressive wineries, that break into the land, or to a wine museum, that populates the region, the experience becomes an unforgettable one. That is why the harvest season is the best time to discover the Rioja Alavesa Wine Route, a real pleasure for visitors.