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City Express Hotels will be the first brand in the world to get the Biosphere certification for all its hotels

City Express Hotels, the first brand in the world to the Biosphere certification, attended the World Summit on Sustainable Tourism held in Vitoria on 26 and 27 November 2015. During the event, Paulina Morales, City Express Director of Certification and Sustainable Development, presented the firm commitment to sustainable tourism, moments before Mr. Iñigo Urkullu, President of the Basque Government, proclaimed the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism +20.

City Express, which has ninety-nine establishments in Mexico, one in Costa Rica and one in Colombia, used the World Summit to underline once again the importance that sustainability has in its business strategy. Among other measures taken, they highlighted the success that for their company accounted to bet on sustainable tourism certifications and more specifically, Biosphere Responsible Tourism certification. Currently, up to thirty-nine City Express hotels  are certified by this mark of sustainability, although it is expected that the entire brand obtains this certification by the end of 2016.

The World Charter for Sustainable Tourism, adopted unanimously during the Summit, will be handed to the UNESCO Director General, the Secretary General of the WTO and the Executive Director of UNEP, in order to receive support for their wide circulation among main stakeholders in world tourism as a guide to action of tourism in the framework of the Proclamation by the United Nations of 2017 as the Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted at the World Summit on Sustainable Development of the United Nations.

Link to the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism

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