I Agora of Sustainable Tourism, GREEN & HUMAN - HOSTELTUR

A meeting point with face-to-face and virtual presentations between companies and destinations as a forum for reflection to achieve the sustainable transformation of the tourism industry.

After the two toughest years in history for the global tourism industry, the return to business has brought with it different, more sophisticated and demanding challenges than before. If there is consensus on one of them, it is that of SUSTAINABILITY. All the players in the industry are now aware that the only possible tourism is, by definition, that which is sustainable over time and which is sustainable in all three areas: Environmental, Social and Economic.

Companies and Destinations are working in an increasingly determined and professionalised manner, adapting their strategies to the new demands of their clients and partners. Collaboration between all of them is essential to optimise investment and implement realistic and effective plans with which to evolve the tourism industry towards a model that is truly sustainable over time and fair to its workers and the territories in which it is developed.

It is in this context that the 1st GREEN & HUMAN - HOSTELTUR SUSTAINABLE TOURISM AGORA is born as a meeting point for all of them, as a forum for reflection in which some of the initiatives that are already being carried out in companies and destinations that are already a lever for transformation will also be presented. This meeting will take place on Wednesday 05 October at 15:00 hours (GMT+1), at the World Trade Center, Barcelona, allowing both on-site and online attendance.

Among the promoters of this initiative, which will mark one of the most important annual meetings between the leading companies in the sector, is the Biosphere Certified Platinum Barcelona destination, and will be attended by numerous personalities from the main entities of the tourism industry in Spain and internationally, such as the Biosphere Certified Lanzarote destination represented by the CEO of its leading entity, Turismo de Lanzarote, Héctor Hernández; and the entity Jumbo Tours, Biosphere's partner for the promotion of the 2030 Agenda through the Green & Human business association, represented by its CEO Ginés Martínez, among others.

Stay tuned to our newsletter and our network communications to find out about the different webinars and workshops that will take place in this agora.

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