Lleida Biosphere Destination trains its companies to participate in "Moturisme Ara Lleida".

The Lleida Tourist Board has given two blocks of training for companies in the destination interested in forming part of the "Moturisme Ara Lleida" project in recognition of their internationally sustainable efforts.

There are already 26 tourism companies that have begun the procedures and training to participate in the "Moturisme Ara Lleida" project, accrediting and recognising their sustainable efforts and good practices with the Biosphere distinction. These companies include hotels, campsites, restaurants, motorbike rental companies and museums.

Lleida Tourist Board has taken the necessary steps to organise and carry out two training sessions with all the companies interested in this initiative:

On the one hand, a first session held on 16 March with the participation of the speaker Gonçal Portabella, who gave the necessary keys to understand the market and know the characteristics of customers. This session detailed the minimum requirements that tourist establishments must meet in order to qualify for the seal. The session ended with guidelines for the preparation of the accreditation and the audit visit that the candidates will have to attend after Easter.

On the other hand, a second session was held on 23rd March to teach the keys to the process of adhering to the destination's sustainable commitment through Biosphere certification. This webinar, with the Biosphere Export Manager Beatriz Margallo, addressed the process by which establishments can commit to sustainability and showcase their good practices internationally, thanks to the efforts made by the Lleida Tourist Board to offer this opportunity for free access to the Biosphere Sustainable methodology and software to all companies in the region. During the session, the creation of value propositions for motorists was also addressed, followed by recommendations for attracting this group through a good structure, promotion and communication by each establishment. The training day ended with a discussion and question and answer session.

The fact that the companies involved in this project are committed to a more sustainable lifestyle is already an essential requirement if you want to be part of "Moturisme Ara Lleida", so this initiative aims to encourage interested companies to implement the changes and actions necessary to align their business activities with the 2030 Agenda, the 17 SDGs and 169 targets of the United Nations. Likewise, in order to be part of the project, it is an essential requirement to guarantee good customer service for motorcyclists, which is why the Tourist Board promotes training for companies and organisations that wish to opt for the "Moturisme Ara Lleida" accreditation.