New Biosphere China delegation

At Biosphere we continue to expand our team of professionals to achieve more responsible tourism policies in the global tourism industry.

With the aim of implementing sustainable development actions and programmes in the tourism industry beyond European, Latin American and Canadian borders, the Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI) has opened a new intermediary body in China, with a team of professionals ready to transmit the recommendations and principles of the charters and summits of international organisations in the field of sustainability, such as UN, UNESCO and UNWTO.

Undoubtedly, this is a big step in trying to reach all possible regions of the world to promote more sustainable solutions through Biosphere, the integral system of management and recognition of destinations and companies in their continuous improvement towards the "Horizon 2030", according to the sustainability goals set by the United Nations and its assessment and choice by citizens and tourists.

The new Biosphere China delegation

Biosphere continues to grow and opens a new delegation office in East Asia, China, led by sustainable activist Yuan Lee. Recognised as a highly visible, collaborative and creative pioneer with over 11 years of leadership experience in the tourism industry, Lee has helped build an ecotourism system and actively promote sustainable tourism development in China, with expertise in hotel and scenic spot management.

The new CEO of the Biosphere China delegation has been able to achieve zero-to-one development by exploring new markets, establishing strategic and creative partnerships through new cooperation opportunities that encourage alignments with more responsible and sustainable management of business activities in Asia.

With the vigorous development of China's tourism industry, the sustainability of the tourism has gradually attracted the attention of the government and citizens. More and more enterprises want to participate in responsible tourism work and share China's experience of sustainable development on international platforms.

Are you interested in adding one of your entities in China to the largest international community of companies and destinations aligned with sustainability? Now you can contact our new delegation to make all your queries and make progress in the continuous improvement of your activity.

Biosphere Sustainable platform is now available in Chinese! We will soon start adding companies from Asia to the Biosphere community. Follow us on social media so you don't miss any news.