The Commitment to the Biosphere Destination La Palma

Last Monday, the Responsible Tourism Institute ("RTI"), traveled to La Palma to meet with the Tourism Council of the Island of La Palma, and with the main actors and tourism entrepreneurs of the island. The reason for the meeting was to transfer the importance of adopting the sustainable tourism model promoted by the RTI, as well as to inform on the figure of the "Commitment to the Biosphere Destination" to which tourism companies can adhere.

The Commitment to the Destination Biosphere represents a unique opportunity for any tourist company that wishes to be part of the commitment to the sustainability of a destination certified as Biosphere Destination. The Commitment to the Biosphere Destination means belonging to a community of internationally recognized sustainable tourism destinations and companies, as well as being part of Biosphere's new experience selling portal.

For more information about the Commitment process, visit the following link