The Iberian Plateau Transboundary Biosphere Reserve new Biosphere Destination

We are very proud to add another destination to our list of Biosphere destinations. The Iberian Plateau Biosphere Reserve is an example of commitment to sustainability, environmental impact and the fight against climate change. This Reserve represents one of the largest cross-border reserves in Europe and covers territories located in Portugal and Spain, specifically Zamora and Salamanca.

This certificate is not only an example of sustainability, but also a reference in terms of awareness of the value of natural resources, which serve as a tourist attraction for a profile of visitors committed to environmental protection and responsible behaviour.

In addition, this label will help promote a differentiated tourist offer to showcase the landscape beauty of the Reserve and to encourage a growing trend towards an increasingly sustainable and committed tourism, with the aim of developing measures for the conservation of natural and cultural heritage.

The Iberian Plateau Biosphere Reserve has developed the appropriate tools to continue to meet the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and thus contribute to the common goal of achieving a more sustainable tourism.