FAQ Biosphere Certification


 - What are the requirements to get certified?

According to the typology and tourist reality of your company, the Biosphere Responsible Tourism standard in question will be applied. In it, there’s criteria that is mandatory and others that is optional. The first are required to obtain certification and the latter are those that must be fulfilled throughout the renovations as continuous improvement objectives. In addition, the mandatory may also be targets of continuous improvement.

 - How does a company get certified?

To be certified a company must, through the system of management, meet at least the mandatory requirements applicable to it, uploading the evidences where appropriate.

- What is the Biosphere Benchmarking?

 The Responsible Tourism Institute, through Biosphere Responsible Tourism certification, has extensive and varied experience of over 20 years in the field of sustainable tourism, which has given it a large database of how the sector has evolved in multiple fields. With this information and the information provided by the entity to be certified, we can provide you with different analysis to help you compare your entity within your industry, helping you set goals for improvement projects, return on investment and ultimately improve your bottom line.


- Is the payment always the same?

Yes. The company will pay every year the same fee depending on its size (number rooms or workers). In any case, through the management software, you can hire additional services (more precise analysis, training courses, sustainable construction projects ...) at a very competitive price, which will help you improve your positioning in the market of sustainable tourism

 - Is the audit fee included?

 Yes, the annual fee includes online audits which are carried out of all the answers and documentation sent by the entity. It also includes the costs of on-site audits conducted to verify the compliance of the requirements.

 - How is the fee calculated?

 In the case of accommodation it is determined by the number of rooms. In the case of other tourist agencies, it is determined by the number of workers. In the conditions of employment you accept that we may ask you for documentary evidence of these variables.

- How is payment made?

 Both in the first installment and annual renewals, you can make the secure online payment through virtual TVP, or bank transfer. You need to keep up with the payment of the fee to enjoy the benefits of certification.

 Management Software

- What is management software?

 Biosphere Responsible Tourism has developed a powerful and advanced software management for the entire certification process, through which the representative of the entity and those he may designate can access the following areas:

  • Ability to modify and update the public profile information on our site, including the ability to publish own news.
  • Compliance with the standard that applies
  • Analytical and benchmarking for your company
  • Management and process payments


  Access to the management software

As detailed above, your entity will be granted different profiles with different levels of access (audit questions, payments, etc.) to advance the positioning of the entity in the market of sustainable tourism.

  Website Profile

As detailed above, you can update your profile public information: logo, photographs, videos, description, location in google maps, what being certified means to you, etc.

  Vector and universal logo formats

Once certified, you can download our logos that confirm your certification, so that you can put them on the website of your organization, promotional materials and merchandising, digital signatures, business cards, etc.

  Accrediting plate format

You will be provided model and measures so you can generate an accrediting plate to be shown at the entrance of your entity.

  Periodic sending of the list of certified entities to tour operators and booking pages

Periodically (on average every 2 months) Biosphere Responsible Tourism sends a list with the certified entities in the required information (contact, web, geographical position, status of the certificate ...) to a series of booking sites, tour operators and other media that help increasing bookings and positioning in the market.

  Exclusive access to additional services (Carbon Footprint, ROI, etc.) at discount prices

With the access to the management system, you can expand the services that Biosphere Responsible Tourism offers you through services of customized consulting performed by top professionals at competitive prices, which will help you improve your positioning in the market, save costs and lead the path of sustainable tourism.

  Promoting the entity thorugh social networks and newsletter

 Biosphere Responsible Tourism has a large database of newsletter recipients, where its certified entities and the news they generate will appear periodically, in addition to communication channels and social networks which will improve the positioning of the entity in the market.


- Is the Biosphere Destination certification included?

Destination certification is a broad and complex area that can not be contracted through the website. The projects are customized, and many and multiple services can be added to enhance sustainability in the tourist destination (tourism products, tourism strategic plans, etc.). However, as a representative of the managing entity of the destination, you can directly contact us to arrange a project that manages to improve the tourist experience.