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The harvest in Rioja Alavesa, a pleasure for visitors.

Rioja Alavesa Wine Route finalizes the details to begin with the collection of the grape that mobilizes the entire region and is shown to visitors in its purest form. The most special time of the year arrives for all those who are dedicated to the culture of wine and wine tourism. During the harvest, the wineries become fully active and Rioja Alavesa Wine Route turns to offer unique proposals so that both residents of the region and travelers can participate and learn 'from within' the ins and outs of the most outstanding period of your calendar. Visitors will have the opportunity to discover a unique region in the world at its best.

Experience nature in its purest form in Rioja Alavesa

The Rioja Alavesa Wine Route has infinite options for visitors to enjoy unique food and wine experiences, by enjoying the natural wonders of the region. Walking the infinite paths between vineyards, discovering the secrets of the bushes surrounding the area, wine tastings under the stars or simply strolling along the trails offered by the region, to only mention a few of the options offered by the Rioja Wine Route Alavesa. Enjoy an unforgettable getaway in a unique environment where nature becomes the perfect travel companion.