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Requirements of the Responsible Tourism System

For "BIOSPHERE Hotel" Entities

Responsible Tourism Policy: You must establish a Responsible Tourism Policy which expresses the commitment to sustainable tourism, and provide the media for compliance. In this sense, it requires constant awareness of the legal environmental requirements and regulatory requirements, the design of an Action Plan within the framework of policy and plan-awareness training. It is equally necessary for the establishment to promote messages containing specifications of sustainability.

Conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage: It is required the integration of the establishment in the destination’s cultural reality, collaboration in the conservation of cultural resources and promoting awareness of visitors.

Contribution to economic and social development of the destiny: The hotel will need to contribute to this development, through a procurement and contracting policy-oriented. It should also ensure socially responsible behavior with its employees.

Conservation of the environment: It aims to minimize negative environmental impacts of the center activities, through proper management of consumption, waste, spills, emissions, etc..

Specifically, it is contemplated concerning:

  • Landscape protection (minimizing the visual impact)
  • Energy savings and control (data tracking, efficiency of equipment...)
  • Water management (minimization of consumption, control of discharges ...)
  • Waste management (minimization, reuse, proper management...)
  • Management and control of products and services consumption (minimize unnecessary consumption, hazardous materials, responsible hiring...)
  • Atmospheric emissions (emissions control, maintenance ...)
  • Soil protection (prevent spills)
  • Noise (noise minimization)

Customer satisfaction and visitor involvement in the system of responsible tourism: The hotel must ensure quality and safety service. They must also provide customer information on the responsible actions carried out, as well as activities that promote awareness and respect for the visitor destination.