We provide different analysis of competitors in order to gain references which can help in the creation of efficiency plans and tourism dynamization projects.

The BIOSPHERE Tourism Benchmarking is a process to obtain a reference point from which a tourism dynamization plan can be developed. In order to do that the BIOSPHERE Tourism Benchmarking service takes into account the products, services, work processes, sustainable policies, commercial strategies, sales channels, advertising and sales methods of competitors.

The main advantages of the BIOSPHERE Tourism Benchmarking service are:


Our programme provides information on which elements in the productive structure of the organizations can be optimized, as well as detecting weak links in the management of natural resources and the organization’s energy efficiency. From this point the organization will be able to employ our recommendations to become more efficient or implement the models used by the market leaders.


The BIOSPHERE Tourism Benchmarking service helps organizations improve their competitiveness in the market by analyzing their strengths and weaknesses in order to improve and sustain the actions and processes which generate the most value. Periodic controls offered by the benchmark offer the opportunity to monitor how productive the organization’s services and products are, and also show the policies that can be implemented to improve the company’s market position.


The improvement of competitiveness is closely bound with respecting social and cultural values. Thanks to the optimization of these customer-bound indicators you will find greater customer satisfaction and fidelization. Respecting the environment’s sociocultural value, protecting the local economy and improving the management of human and environmental resources will not only benefit the organization’s performance, but also the perception that travelers have of your company.


A comparative evaluation allows for a better perspective on where your business is and where it wants to be. The purpose of benchmarking is to establish a roadmap with credible goals which lead to continual improvement. The BIOSPHERE Tourism Benchmarking service lets you know where your business is with regards to competitors in your own industry or others, plan for continual improvement and avoid stagnation and fear of change through the implementation of innovative actions.