Toda a informação sobre turismo sustentável

The Responsible Tourism Institute has became a member of Necstour

Seville is hosting during the days 30 and 31 of December the Necstour Annual General Meeting 2017, event in which 150 representants of public and private institutions are discussing initiatives and future strategies in tourism sector. This Assembly plays a major role in Necstour because of the participation of all the members of Necstour and because of the fact that votations for politics and priorities take place there. Furthermore, this 31 of March, it will be celebrated a conference with the name: 'Smart Tourism Destinations’ Contribution for the Planet and its People''.

Necstour defines itself as ‘the network of European Regions for Competitive and Sustainable Tourism’. It is an institution composed of 30 strong regions competent in tourism, tourism-related academic organisations and representatives of sustainable and responsible tourism business networks from 17 European Countries. The aim of this network is to  promote the redirection of the tourism sector in Europe towards a sustainable and competitive model, as well as create a framework for the coordination between regional development programs and for measuring the implantation of this model.

In this context, the Responsible Tourism Institute has joined Necstour as a member with a view to work with the other participants for achieving the objectives of the institution. This action, reinforces the commitment of the RTI with the fight for the transformation of the tourist sector towards sustainability and its willingness to the cooperation among the different public and private agents of the sector.

Click this link for watching the conference online.