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Vitoria obtains the Innovation Sariak award for being a Biosphere Destination

Vitoria-Gasteiz Sustainable Tourism Award

On September 22, the city of Vitoria won the "Innovation Sariak" award from Deia and Vodafone, in the category of Sustainability Development for its certification as a Biosphere Destination.

The awards provide recognition to entities and organizations that develop actions, mechanisms and practices focused on innovation. Specifically, in the case of Vitoria the award demonstrates the clear commitment of the city to promote responsible and quality tourism.

The Biosphere Destination certification, which enabled obtaining the award, was achieved thanks to the effort, participation and implication of all actors and institutions involved in the process. Thus what began less than a year ago with the participation of the city in the World Summit on Sustainable Tourism +20 and the signing of the Letter of Commitment to Responsible Tourism in October 2015, has meant a before and after in the tourist area of the community.

This recognition marks an important step in innovation for the city and is a clear example for other tourist destinations, both within the Basque Country and internationally. Also, along with the other awards achieved, the positioning of Vitoria is consolidated in a strategic and social relevance market, such as the sustainable tourism one.