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Booking's new sustainable travel rankings

18th November 2022

Booking announces a number of new product features to celebrate the first anniversary of its Sustainable Travel programme.

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Re Think Hotel contest is back!

16th November 2022

The new Re Think Hotel Awards are now open, this year with more prizes than ever!

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Las Ramblas, first shopping centre in the Canary Islands to certify its sustainability

14th November 2022

Las Ramblas, the only shopping centre in the Canary Islands to receive international certification in sustainability, with the Biosphere Sustainable…

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The Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards 2022 and the 4th edition of the Skål Biosphere Sustainable Special Award already have winners!

17th October 2022

For 21 years, Skål International has been recognising the best practices in Sustainable and Responsible Tourism around the world. This year,…

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Sustainability lands on Ibiza

10th October 2022

The catering company Aiyanna, which also integrates Amante Ibiza, is the first restaurant to achieve international certification of its good…

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I Agora of Sustainable Tourism, GREEN & HUMAN - HOSTELTUR

19th September 2022

A meeting point with face-to-face and virtual presentations between companies and destinations as a forum for reflection to achieve the sustainable…

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