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10th Edition Forum Turistic Barcelona

18th March 2022

This year's TurisTIC Forum 2022 will be held on 10 May at Cosmocaixa Barcelona, where the most innovative tourism projects and the digital transformation…

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The GDS Codes: A simple guide to understand this global indexing

16th March 2022

The tourism sector is global and connects actors from all over the world; administrations, private companies, citizens and tourists. In order…

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More sustainable coastal tourism in Gijón

23rd February 2022

Gijón / Xixón Tourism has developed its Tourism Sustainability Plan with coastal tourism as an important axis of its sustainable tourism projects.

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The sustainable path for business survival - Post-COVID Tourism

22nd February 2022

The world is changing. Fortunately and hopefully for the better. Sustainability is the order of the day and the demand for it is growing all…

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Zihuatanejo, a destination in the process of Biosphere certification, chosen as a sustainable destination in Mexico 2022

21st February 2022

According to the list of sustainable destinations 2022 by 'New York Times', the Mexican destination Zihuatanejo is among the top five.

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New sustainable project in the Biosphere destination Guía de Isora

10th February 2022

The Guía de Isora Town Council has opted for the installation of information tables in its coastal areas to illustrate and inform tourists…

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