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Vouzela on it’s way to increase its sustainability efforts.

19th July 2021

Presentation of the Action Plan for Sustainability by Vouzela.

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Wine Tourism wineries join the Biosphere family.

15th July 2021

Several companies in the wine tourism sector have already joined Biosphere and are working on its sustainability.

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Gijón renovates its Biosphere certificate one more year!

13th July 2021

Gijón continues to work on the practice of a more sustainable tourism and as a result they have renewed the Biosphere Destination certificate.

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Aldeias Históricas de Portugal celebrates for the fifth time the "Ciclo 12 en Red-Aldeas en Fiesta".

8th July 2021

Aldeias Históricas de Portugal Biosphere Destination maintains for the third consecutive year the Biosphere Certification and continues to…

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1st July 2021

Because choosing a service such as the Gymkana Digital Tourist Service encourages the economic, cultural and social reactivation of a municipality.…

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The Responsible Tourism Institute collaborates with Spanish Youth Hostel Network

11th June 2021

The Responsible Tourism Institute collaborates with the Spanish Youth Hostel Network to initiate its members on the road to sustainability

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