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Free electric cars in Aldeias Históricas de Portugal

25th April 2022

Aldeas Históricas de Portugal, in partnership with Renault, is making five electric cars available to tourists, residents and professionals…

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Innovation and sustainability for tourism

21st April 2022

Coronavirus is motivating a reinvention of the tourism sector, based on innovation with a view to sustainability. In this process, young people,…

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New Biosphere China delegation

20th April 2022

At Biosphere we continue to expand our team of professionals to achieve more responsible tourism policies in the global tourism industry.

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Kootenay Rockies region is officially a Biosphere Certified Destination!

6th April 2022

On 23 March 2022 Kootenay Rockies Tourism received Biosphere Certified Destination recognition for its sustainability efforts and good practices.

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Lleida Biosphere Destination trains its companies to participate in "Moturisme Ara Lleida".

1st April 2022

The Lleida Tourist Board has given two blocks of training for companies in the destination interested in forming part of the "Moturisme Ara…

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Cariboo Chilcotin Coast earns Biosphere Certified Destination recognition

30th March 2022

Cariboo Chilcotin Coast has successfully certified as a Biosphere Destination in recognition of its efforts to meet the 17 SDGs and 169 targets…

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