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Sant Julià de Lòria becomes the first municipality in Andorra to be awarded the Biosphere Destination certificate

29th March 2022

Sant Julià de Lòria is the first municipality in Andorra to receive a certification that highlights its sustainable efforts as a tourist destination…

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Skål Biosphere Sustainable Special Award

23rd March 2022

For the fourth consecutive year, Skål International continues its collaboration with Biosphere© and the Responsible Tourism Institute to award…

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Barcelona Biosphere Destination rewards the sustainability of its adventure tourism companies

22nd March 2022

The Barcelona Chamber of Commerce is awarding 180,000 euros to five sustainable adventure tourism companies, including Biosphere community members…

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Maricá, Rio de Janeiro, signs the Biosphere Destination commitment charter.

21st March 2022

José Alexandre Almeida, Maricá's Secretary of Tourism, signed the Charter of Commitment for a more sustainable tourism with the Responsible…

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10th Edition Forum Turistic Barcelona

18th March 2022

This year's TurisTIC Forum 2022 will be held on 10 May at Cosmocaixa Barcelona, where the most innovative tourism projects and the digital transformation…

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The GDS Codes: A simple guide to understand this global indexing

16th March 2022

The tourism sector is global and connects actors from all over the world; administrations, private companies, citizens and tourists. In order…

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