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Aldeias Históricas, the country's first carbon neutral destination

20th March 2023

Aldeias Históricas de Portugal plans to become the first Village Network at European level to benefit from a water and energy efficiency position,…

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Destination Greater Victoria certifies its sustainable efforts with Biosphere

17th March 2023

Destination Greater Victoria is the first urban Canadian destination to implement and recognise an action plan on the 2030 Agenda and the UN's…

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Maresme recognises the companies and services distinguished with the Biosphere certification

27th February 2023

One hundred companies, services and destinations have received the Biosphere certification at the event held in Pineda de Mar.

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Sustainability: the return on economic investment is clear and immediate.

6th February 2023

Many companies have been working for years on different projects: environmental, socio-cultural... The big difference is that now there is greater…

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The Biosphere Destination Community meets at FITUR

30th January 2023

FITUR was the place chosen to host the representatives of the Biosphere Destination Community, a meeting which was attended by Javier Benayas,…

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Puerto Iguazú, Argentina, signs the Biosphere Destination letter of commitment

27th January 2023

The president of the Puerto Iguazú Tourism Board, Leopoldo Lucas, has signed the Letter of Commitment for a more sustainable tourism in the…

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